Royall Resonator Coverplate Pickup Assembly

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Royall Resonator Coverplate Pickup Assembly

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Royall Coverplate Pickup Assembly for Single Cone Biscuit Style Resonators

This is the pickup system that we’re using for our parlor and single cone models. It drops right in without having to drill any holes in the body because the output jack is integrated into the cover. It uses a Tele style neck pickup, which we’ve determined gives the best combination of naturalness and electric tone for our tastes.

• Coverplate is 10.25″ in diameter. This is pretty standard for both vintage and modern resos
• For use with a standard 9.5″ biscuit cone
• Fits all Royall parlor and single cone models as well as most other brands on the market
• Comes only in the bright chrome finish for now


1 review for Royall Resonator Coverplate Pickup Assembly

  1. Billy Hell

    What a great deal. Not only does the plate look great the single coil does a great job clean or dirty.
    I had a ground touching a positive lead so look for that. I used a piece of tape to keep them separate and all was fine.
    I’m a big fan of this unit and used it on my Republic Highway 61. Some of the holes didn’t line up on the Republic.
    With just a little reaming with a drill bit I got all the holes to work on my guitar. This thing is a winner.
    I did a video on it here –

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