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The big news around here is that we all survived the Covid lock down and we’re back in production. Yay! We’ve got a bunch of new things ready to go, like cutaway parlors and an all Koa tricone, an African Sandalwood model and a long scale tenor model. We’re still catching up but lefties and 12-strings should be back in production by July.

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  1. Van Glynn
    | Reply

    Interested in a long scale tenor resonator! I currently play both tenor guitar and a national Tricone 6 string. Would like to see about adding the tenor resonator to my mix.

  2. Eric Nahrwold
    | Reply

    Is it possible to get the Parolator mahogany cutaway with a Lace pick up? if so, How much?

  3. Mark Kerns
    | Reply

    hey guys – i am looking for a cutaway tricone with a pick up. waiting patiently for guitars to come into stock…

    • Ian Campbell
      | Reply

      I’m definitely interested in a lefty wood parlorator w/pickup!

  4. Kevin
    | Reply

    Interested in the Trifonium Distressed. Would like to hear more demos, if possible.

  5. Brian
    | Reply

    Would love to see a brushed copper Parlorizor with with a pickup!

  6. peterbatchelor@msn.com
    | Reply

    do you have any tricones in stock ??

  7. Gil
    | Reply

    Hi !
    is there a “waiting list” somewhere ( over the rainbow 🙂 ?

  8. Michael L Bremer
    | Reply

    Any idea on when resonator tenors will be back in stock?

  9. dark407@yahoo.com
    | Reply

    Koa tricone! Just got it This guitar is beyond cool. Gorgeous!

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