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The big news around here is that we all survived the Covid lock down and we’re back in production. Yay! We’ve got a bunch of new things ready to go, like cutaway parlors and an all Koa tricone, an African Sandalwood model and new tenor models. We’re still catching up, but lefties and 12-strings are on the set-up benches right now.

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  1. Joe
    | Reply

    I love the tenor you sent out my way in May; it’s getting me through the summer. I go back and forth between GDAE and DGBE. It works great in both tuning and can handle ragtime, jazz, blues, and whatever else I throw at it. Thanks for giving this mandolin player a brand new sound!

  2. Van Glynn
    | Reply

    Interested in a long scale tenor resonator! I currently play both tenor guitar and a national Tricone 6 string. Would like to see about adding the tenor resonator to my mix.

  3. Eric Nahrwold
    | Reply

    Is it possible to get the Parolator mahogany cutaway with a Lace pick up? if so, How much?

  4. Mark Kerns
    | Reply

    hey guys – i am looking for a cutaway tricone with a pick up. waiting patiently for guitars to come into stock…

    • Ian Campbell
      | Reply

      I’m definitely interested in a lefty wood parlorator w/pickup!

  5. Kevin
    | Reply

    Interested in the Trifonium Distressed. Would like to hear more demos, if possible.

  6. Brian
    | Reply

    Would love to see a brushed copper Parlorizor with with a pickup!

  7. peterbatchelor@msn.com
    | Reply

    do you have any tricones in stock ??

  8. Gil
    | Reply

    Hi !
    is there a “waiting list” somewhere ( over the rainbow 🙂 ?

  9. Michael L Bremer
    | Reply

    Any idea on when resonator tenors will be back in stock?

  10. dark407@yahoo.com
    | Reply

    Koa tricone! Just got it This guitar is beyond cool. Gorgeous!

  11. Michael Kenneth LaFaver
    | Reply

    Would love to get my hands on a koa tri cone

  12. Wayne
    | Reply

    Would love to hear when the flame maple cutaway Parlorator with pickup is available to order.

  13. Scot
    | Reply

    Hey you guys, beautiful guitars. Which one to choose from??? Any more loaded cover plates coming down the pipe?

  14. Geoff Wilson
    | Reply

    Hi Greg,
    I am in Australia and can find no-one who distributes your guitars. Your contact email seems to be an incomplete address and my emails fail. I wonder could you quote me in Australian dollars with postage to Australia for your Teardrop Tenor (Mirror finish) with pick-up.
    Free Palestine
    Geoff Wilson

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