Royall Resonators Would Like To Present Our 2021 Models

Well, we’d like to but they’re not ready yet.

People have been asking us pretty much every day how come we’re out of almost everything. The answer is, of course, COVID.

It takes quite a few people with different specialties to get these instruments together and since we’d prefer not to die from this COVID thing, only one of us is working in the shop at any one time.

The supply chain of things like parts, supplies, cases, pickups and everything else is also broken down for the same reason. If we can even find what we need, the shipping is taking months longer than it used to. 

So that’s why we don’t have much of anything in stock. The good news part of this is that we do have 110 instruments in production right now and even with only one of us working on them at any time, they should be ready to go by sometime around the middle of May 2021. We do have quite a few back orders to catch up on, then we’ll start posting new stuff as just soon as we have some instruments available that are not already spoken for.